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The MindStretch

49 Inspiring Insights For Business Breakthroughs

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In The MindStretch book, Mercado and Laub explore 7 essential disciplines for business growth (Envision, Believe, Plan, Lead, Communicate, Market, and Sell) providing 7 insights for each.

The authors also provide a system called the “Power of SEVEN” as a stimulus to assist the reader in drawing the most value out of each insight.

The intent is to take the reader deep… expanding the confines of traditional thinking… into a state of awareness which the authors call… “The MindStretch”!

Co-author Dean Mercado Discussing The MindStretch

The MindStretch Book Reviews

Dean co-author of The Mindstretch

Dean Mercado

Founder and CEO of Online Marketing Muscle, is a well-respected small business coach, strategist, author, and speaker with expertise on helping service-based businesses globally increase their visibility, credibility, and reach within their target market.

Barry Laub co-author of The Mindstretch

Barry Laub

President of Infinite Resources, Inc. is a highly sought after business visionary, strategist and entertaining motivational speaker. Barry’s transformational leadership is known for taking businesses and individuals from where they are to where they want to be.

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